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It should feel safe choosing GOTFire and we kow that our products are of the highest quality - that's why we leave the full five-year warranty on our wood ship burners and boilers.

It might also benice to know that our heating system is capable of meeting the Swedish Energy Agencies' emission requirements by a wide margin and is one of the few that is certified under the European quality and efficiency requirements of EN 303-5. Tests in 2006 by the Swedish bio-energy consultancy ÄFAB also showed that our burner has a very high efficiency with very low emissions of envirionmentally harmful substances.

We focus all the time on the quality of the company's work at large and are constantly working to improve and develop our own products. Gotland's quality at its best, which you can rely on!

Warranty conditions

Full warranty conditions. (please see our Swedish homepage)

Warranty for KWB products. (please see our Swedish homepage)