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Erland and Britta Gräsman in Vänge on Gotland was looking for a simple heating system to their house, the choice fell on a wood chip burner with 40 kW of power and a chip storage of 4.5 m3 from GOTFire.

- We have had wood log heating and oil heating before but we wanted an easier handling and therefore chose chips. For economic and environmental reasons, the oil was not to think anymore. Heating with wood was both time-consuming and hard work to management.

Erland and Britta fill the storage with the help of a tractor 2-3 times per month and as often they remove the ash from the boiler, says Erland. The plant has worked perfectly and effort is minimal. It provides an even, comfortable heat.

- Environmentally, it feels completely right because the burner emits low levels of environmentally harmful substances and the chips are locally produced. We protect the environment and have time and money for other things.

Erland och Britta Gräsman, Vänge Gotland

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When Carl and Bodil af Petersens would replace the heating system, the choice fell on a heating plant from GOTFire. Carl chose a burner with 60 kW capacity and a wood chip storage room that can accommodate 9 m3. Carl drives agriculture focusing on cereals along with his wife Bodil. The farm has several residential buildings.

- There was no doubt that we chose GOTFire and their products. The company has been around for several generations and has a very good reputation.

Carl and Bodil had previously heat pump, but the consumption of electricity was too large.Because the family has its own forest so it was natural to choose wood chips. The change was a financial gain.

- In less than two years we earned in the investment cost of the heating plant. In winter I fills the store every other week but in summer it becomes once a month. Currently we burn with oak wood which allows us to remove the ash from boiler about once a week, but with other types of wood such as fur becomes smaller amount of ash. Moreover manages the facility itself because it turns on and off as needed and is very reliable.

Carl af Petersens, Vänge Gotland

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When the oil boiler in Viklau church on Gotland would be replaced opted to heating with wood chips. Mats Ahlby who has been the driving force behind the project says that the heating plant is easy to care for and releases a minimum of harmful substances. They chose a burner with 40 kW of power and an associated chip storage of 12 m3.

- It feels good to get away from dependence on oil and instead use the biofuel that is produced locally. Boiler room and chip storage are joined. The storage that holds 12 m3 and opens with hydraulics are beeing filled about every two months.

Mats Ahlby, project leader Viklau Kyrka Gotland