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Since our goal is to deliver the best possible environmentally heating systems, we also want the company to protect the environment both in production, together with our suppliers and partners and in our daily work.

environmental policy for GOTFire

The development of our products is ongoing for a more environmentally friendly manufacture, delivery and lifetime. The products are manufactured to be used for many years and is supposed to be able to heat several generations. The use of wood for heating is for us a matter of course because it is an environmentally friendly heat source that is also very efficient and well-proven.

In the manufacture of our products, we strive for minimization of waste materials and the environmental impact. All waste material is sorted and recycled, as well as all other waste within the company. In the administrative work, we strive for a minimized use of paper by utilizing digital tools and utilities, also uses eco-labeled paper and, where possible double-sided printing.

Transport of goods is unfortunately a necessity for us and therefore we have chosen to use environmentally certified shippers who are actively working to reduce emissions and minimize its impact on the environment.

Our goal is to satisfy customer needs in each case. Our customers can rely on our products and the work carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and our own high objectives with an environmental focus.

We work through conscious choice and increased recycling for a cleaner cycle aims to minimize the negative impact our operations have on the environment.

GOTFire strives to be an environmentally focused company.