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A storage tank stores heat in a hot water buffer, much like a savings account at the bank, which you can then take advantage of just when you need it. It provides an even, comfortable heat for a longer time and plenty of hot water. The tanks are available in different sizes to suit your specific heating requirements.

To select the correct tank volume there is a rule that says: 10-12 liters of accumulator per heated square meters surface. In other words: a house of 150 m2 should have a tank between 1500 and 1800 liters. 


Our common round tank with outer casing of scratch and impact-resistent steel. Insulated with highquality wool, 110 mm at the sides and 145 mm at the top. Available in fixed sizes between 320 - 3000 litres and has several equipment options.

  • TIP320 Articlenr: 95-TIP320
  • TIP500 Articlenr: 95-TIP500
  • TIP750 Articlenr: 95-TIP750
  • TIP1000 Articlenr: 95-TIP1000
  • TIP1300 Articlenr: 95-TIP1300
  • TIP1800 Articlenr: 95-TIP1800
  • TIP2500 Articlenr: 95-TIP2500
  • TIP3000 Articlenr: 95-TIP3000


Our common rectangular tank designed for doorways. Insulated with high-quality wool, 60 mm at the sides and 95 mm at the top. Volume size of 500 litres and has several equipment options.

  • TIV500 Articlenr: 95-TIV500


A round un-insulated tank, suiteable for confined spaces. Adjusted as desired. Available in fixed sizes between 320 - 5000 litres.

  • T320 Articlenr: 95-T320
  • T500 Articlenr: 95-T500
  • T750 Articlenr: 95-T750
  • T1000 Articlenr: 95-T1000
  • T1300 Articlenr: 95-T1300
  • T1800 Articlenr: 95-T1800
  • T2500 Articlenr: 95-T2500
  • T3000 Articlenr: 95-T3000
  • T5000 Articlenr: 95-T5000


A rectangular tank for large volumes, suitable for small spaces. Insulated with 100 mm high quality wool. Manufactured as per demand.

  • TRI Articlenr: 95-TRI

Technical info


Note! Data of the accumulator tanks is approximate and may vary depending on the buildings' actual insulation value.