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Our wood chip storages are substantially constructed of durable and weather resistant meterial. Simple to use and have shutters that open with an easy-to-use handle or hydraulic operation. They are equipped with scrapers that feed the wood chips into the screw conveyor which is submerged whitin the hopper base and transports the wood chips to the burner. If you already have your own external storage then we also have a smooth solution for indoor use, a separate supply base. (see accessories).

GOTFire FFM4.5

Our smallest storage of 4,5 m3.

Articlenr: 11-090429-03

GOTFire FFM7.0

A smaller storage of 7,0 m3, constructed for the wider buckets.

Articlenr: 07-140915-03

GOTFire FFM9.0

Storage that holds 9 m3.

Articlenr: 12-090616-03

GOTFire FFM13.0

Larger storage for all of 13 m3.

Articlenr: 14-091130-03




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