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Our fully automatic pellet boilers are safe and reliable. The automatic pellet boiler comes with integrated pellet burner in the rated power of 12-48kW. The pellet boiler has automatic ignition and self-cleaning function that ensures operation even when using pellets of inferior quality. The automatic cleaning of the boiler's convection minimizes the heat losses in the chimney, which ensures high efficiency and minimal maintenance.

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The digital control panel with touchscreen includes many smart functions as lambda control, scheduled operation, control of the storage tank and the level sensor in the pellet store to name a few. The pellet store is integrated with the boiler. The boiler is supplied with a loose cover plates to facilitate installation in tight spaces.

Pellet Boiler Pel-Tec with the nominal heat output 12, 24, 30 and 48 KW.

The digital control panel of the boiler has a large multi-color display with touch screen. Fully automated operation of the boiler through installed digital controller unit which controls the operation of the boiler, circulation pump, hot water circulation and the automatic cleaning of the burner and boiler. Pel-Tec boiler has modulating operation (30% - 100%) and high efficiency (<93%).

The boiler will look after itself, and the service is kept to a minimum. The ash bin should be emptied after approximately 600 kg of pellets, depending on the quality of the pellets.

Options: Lambda control, level sensor in the pellet storage, room thermostat with level alarm from the pellet storage, alarm and level messages via GSM, automatic filling of the pellet storage via bulk storage etc.



Technical info

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Obs! Uppgifter om pelletspannornas kapacitet är ungefärliga och kan variera beroende på husets faktiska isolervärde.