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GOTFire supply base

Practical solution for those who already have storage space in your property. Hydraulic scrapers and screw conveyor is included.

  • 1250x2500 Articlenr: 12-091019-03
  • 1250x3750 Articlenr: 07-140915-03
  • 2500x2500 Articlenr: 13-091019-03
  • 3750x2500 Articlenr: 14-091130-03


GOTFire cast scraping beam

A space saving solution where the scraping beam cast down in the floor of the space that will form the chip storage. The cast scraping beam can be built to your specific needs and desires.

1250x2650 Articlenr:112-150421-03

GOTFire Screw conveyor

Our screw conveyors are manufactured in a robust design where the lengths can be individually adjusted (maximum 6 meters). The screw conveyor conveys the chips from the fuel store to the burner.

Articlenr: 16-090713-02

GOTFire Flexible connection

An additional inter connector that allows greater flexibility in the placement of the chip burner and screw conveyor.

Articlenr: 15-101019-03

GOTFire Ash-Away

Automatic cleaning - a real miracle!
With our Ash-Away system it keeps the burner and grate clean with compressed air when the burner stops or after a programmed rund time. Then backs burner into operational mode automatically.

Articlenr: 20-121011-03

GOTFire Ash removal

Are you tired of the ash in the boiler room? With the automatic ash removal, this problem is a thing of the past. The ash screw fills up from the bottom and the bin is emptied in a single action.

Articlenr: 24-120912-03

GSM alarm

With the GSM alarm you can sleep peacefully and get alerted via sms directly to know if something has happened to your system.

Articlenr: 98-130408-26

GOTFire Increased connection

The increased spigot provides flexibility and allows for a greater level difference between the storage and burner.

Articlenr: 15-090713-50

GOTFire back fire protection

Effective protection in the event of a back fire with pressurized water tank, automatic valve and sensor body. Surely even at power failure.

Articlenr: 27-100717-03


To make use of your heating system as efficiently as possible, you should take care of the cleaning in a simple way. A cyclone solve the problem easily.

Articlenr: 98-130408-25